I’m a design leader with experience driving growth, product strategy, and getting sh*t done.

I've been a Senior Product Design Manager for Growth at Amazon One Medical for over 2 years.

When I’m not at work, I’m riding waves, gardening, and making meals with friends.


My guiding principles


Radical collaboration

Bring people together (in-person if possible) to facilitate innovative solutions.


Focus on impact

Seek out areas of greatest impact, and empower designers to drive.


Evidence based design

Validate assumptions and leverage behavioral change to ensure success.


Show don't tell

Communicate through prototypes, visuals, and compelling human narratives.


Maintain a high quality bar

Create a shared definition in order to build experiences that make us proud.


Mindful of process

Use the right process at the right time, and in the right dose.

From my colleagues

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Strategic Thinking

"I continue to be impressed by Mark's ability to keep his perspective in part on the long-term. It's so easy to focus entirely on the here and now, tactical requirements of a big project. But Mark regularly brings conversations and plans to the longer term need. I really value his doing so."
— Sr. Director

Leadership Experience

"Mark is exceptional at balancing stakeholders and pushing back to protect designer time when necessary. He has been a strong voice in ••••••• meetings to set timeline expectations on both the Amazon and OM side. As a result, we know when the designers are overloaded, and have since made moves to provide support or hire contractors."
— Director

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"Mark effectively demonstrates his competence and his ability to think strategically almost effortlessly. He’s a ringer - when we’re in a tight spot I’m always thinking “let’s have Mark present!”- he’s that good. He is fearless - unafraid to challenge someone or defend his position - but always does so in an empathetic and human way."
— Sr. Director

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Design Expertise

"Mark is great at zooming in to focus on nitty gritty, pixel-precision design elements, but is also capable of backing out to look at big-picture future states of where our product could go. He will often talk about things we could and should do, and will collect data and make moves to drive towards those goals."
— Sr. Director

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Career Growth

“Mark has been an amazing partner in my professional development. As my manager, Mark has provided tools and information that have helped me identify areas of growth in my career. I also appreciate his trust in my abilities by suggesting me for projects or asking for my support.”
— Direct Report

Get Sh*t Done

"Mark always follows through on what he says, which I think is a great strength of his. He's authentic in what he does and says making it easy to trust and rely on him for anything that come up. For example, if I vaguely mentioned that I needed a second eye on something last week, he keeps it top of mind and personally checks in to make sure everything is going well!"
— Direct Report